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Problem with AJAX refresh
Sibyl P.
Member 10 months ago
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I use a plugin called FacetWP for my WooCommerce store that does search and filtering. It appears that Smart Sections is not compatible.

On the shop page, when I check on a filter box if Smart Sections is turned on I get a "no results found" message. If I refresh the page, the results appear. I reached out to FacetWP's support and they told me this:

"Facet is not getting a correctly formatted JSON string in return when the filter submits its AJAX refresh. This is sometimes due to a plugin/theme that is incorrectly using ob_ functions or incorrectly filtering the return data to the browser when it is not HTML."

Is this something you can address or do I need to discontinue using Smart Sections for my site and look for a compatible solution? I'm happy to provide more info if necessary.

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