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Smart SectionsSmart Sections, August 9, 2021

Is Smart Sections compatible with all themes?

Smart Sections is implemented to work with most of the modern themes available. However, if your theme has a different semantic structure different than the global web standards, you may need to make some changes in the "Theme Compatibility" page. If you are having any issue with Smart Sections, please click here to open a ticket in our support portal and we will do our best to help you make your theme compatible with Smart Sections.

The theme I use has its own modified version of WPBakery Page Builder. Will Smart Sections work with this theme?

Smart Sections works perfectly with the modern themes and the original version of WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). We continue to test Smart Sections on as many Wordpress themes as possible. However modified versions of WPBakery Page Builder bundled with several themes may cause some minor problems with Smart Sections. Since these demos were created using native WPBakery Page Builder shortcodes and architecture, it may conflict with your theme shortcodes or architecture. If you do not get the desired result after importing the demos, that might mean that the demos are not compatible with the modified WPBakery Page Builder of your theme, please try creating your own sections with the modified version of WPBakery Page Builder in your theme. If you feel you have a major issue, please click here to let us know.

Does Smart Section work in a theme with vertical header?

Unfortunately, you may experience some problems using Smart Sections in a theme with a vertical header. If you have an advanced level of HTML / CSS expertise, you can easily overcome these problems. Since you can add post listings, sticky elements, footers, sidebars and page layouts with no problems, there may be several CSS issues while adding a header with smart sections.

Are all the demos included in the package?

Yes. You can import all the demos from the "Demo Import" page of the plugn as long as you have your purchase code. We continue to create new awesome sections every once in a while. New demos comes with item updates. You can also follow this page to be informed about new demos.

Is WPBakery Page Builder included in the package?

No. You must purchase your own copy of WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) or own a theme which bundles this plugin. Smart Sections will not work if the WPBakery Page Builder is not installed and activated.

Does Smart Sections affect SEO?

No, it does not. The only part you should consider in the Sitemaps XML. In order to enable WPBakery Page Builder with Smart Sections, we had to set the Smart Sections (gusta_section) post type to public. Smart Sections do not appear in the search result by default since it is not publicly queryable. But Yoast SEO makes it appear in the Sitemap Index XML by default. So, in order to exclude Smart Sections post type from the Yoast SEO Sitemaps XML, you need to use the Yoast SEO panel to disable it. Pages or posts that Smart Sections are added will not be affected by this change. Click here to see how it works

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